Rodbourne Cheney Baptist Church, Cheney Manor Rd, Swindon, England SN2 2PE, United Kingdom

01793 724158

Rodbourne Cheney Baptist Church

Welcome to Rodbourne Cheney Baptist Church

 Evangelical Baptist Church in the Northern part of Swindon, Wiltshire which is open to the Holy Spirit.

Main Church Services 

Picture of the church

Style of morning services

 The morning service includes a lively worship time followed by teaching or message from the Bible. Young people are catered for in separate classes and usually leave after about 20 mins (30 mins on the 4th Sunday when we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection with bread and wine). The first Sunday in the month is an all-age service. 

Style of evening services

 The evening service starts at 6pm and is more relaxed than the morning, but still includes lively worship - drawn from both old and new songs - and teaching. We usually have a time of prayer in groups. Some people like to pray out loud but others prefer silent prayer. 

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