Jeremiah Sale


Every Thursday morning, between 7.15am and 11.15am, the church is open for anyone who wants to come and get a bargain.

Everything we sell has been donated by members of the community and is sold at reasonable prices. Donations are brought in during the morning, so there is a constant turnover of goods.

All monies raised and donated are sent to Jeremiah. There is no middle man!

 You are also welcome to join us for some refreshments and have a rest and some fellowship at the sale.  Also,  if you need prayer or someone just to talk to there are members of the church on hand to listen. 

Jeremiah and Beth, with their family, at the graduation of their eldest daughter

A Jeremiah sale is a table top sale in aid of the work of Bishop Jeremiah Pallangyo among the street children of Naivasha, Kenya. Many of them are Aids orphans, abandoned by their families, and left to fend for themselves as best they can by scavenging and begging on the streets of the country. 

About Jeremiah

We have been supporting Bishop Jeremiah Pallangyo and his wife Beth as they look after homeless children in their town, Naivasha in Kenya. When he first contacted us and told us of the innumerable young children who were suffering he explained the necessity to provide homes and education for them. If they were to go into state orphanages they would be required to leave during their teens to make room for others. He also explained that education was a necessity so that the next generation was able to escape the poverty trap.

At the moment he is putting seven young people through university.